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We launched Liquidity for more than 30 exchanges and MM for more than 40 projects.

NEW Transfer Liquidity Service for Exchanges

  • Provide unlimited liquidity for your traders
  • Maintain healthy trading environment
  • Generate additional revenue

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The Problem

  1. Low liquidity is one of the biggest problems for exchanges. Low liquidity in glasses repels traders who first decided to work on the exchange.
  2. New exchanges often have very low liquidity, hence dead order books. Without liquidity it’s hard to attract and retain traders and without traders there will be no liquidity. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle.
  3. Fortunately, we have a proprietary innovative Transfer Liquidity System, a solution that provides liquidity and also earns revenue for the client exchanges.

How does Transfer Liquidity System (TLS) works?

In a nutshell, TLS connects your exchange to an established exchange with
large liquidity pool for a given trading pair BTC/USDT for example.

  • TLS monitors orders on the client exchange.
  • Smaller orders that can be executed without affecting the spot rate are executed within the client exchange. Larger orders that are likely to affect the spot rate are executed on the large exchange unnoticeable to the trader.
  • Usually the system generates $8,000-$10,000 in revenue for the client exchange.
  • TLS trading algorithm executes trades on a larger exchange adding 0.5%-1% to the spot rate also unnoticeable to the trader. This covers the large exchange fees and earns revenue for the client exchange.

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